Transportation Services

Step 1: Register for the service to get the shipping address and Suite code

To use our transportation service, please provide the following information:

  1. Photograph of the front of the Visa / Master card used for payment clearly showing cardholder information, the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number, the issuing bank (Note: You must delete the numbers in the middle before sending)
  2. A photo of the front of the ID card or passport that matches the cardholder’s information.

ShopUS will check the information you provide and respond to your registration email within 24 hours.

When your information is approved, you will be given a warehouse address with a customer code to send goods to ShopUS’s warehouse in the US. 

Note: ShopUS only transports packages purchased with Visa / Master cards issued by Vietnamese banks.

Step 2: Make a purchase to the provided address.

After receiving the warehouse address and Suite code, please enter the correct warehouse address information when ordering on foreign websites.

Note: ShopUS is not responsible for packages that contain incorrect shipping addresses, incorrect customer code or prohibited items

ShopUS is not responsible for signatories who are not ShopUS employees.

Step 3: Update the package information on ShopUS system

After receiving the tracking code from the seller, please provide the package information to ShopUS as follows:

  1. Snapshot of purchase invoice (Attached with payment card information, product value, product type)
  2. Goods tracking
  3. Product name with the original link
  4. Product value

Note: ShopUS only transports items with full documents, verifiable origin and is purchased on sales websites in the US (information can be looked up).

ShopUS does not accept transportation of the following products: Drugs, Powder Products, Batteries, Liquids, Dangerous Items, Tobacco, Alcohol, Cash, Securities, Pirated Products, and other illegal products

For parcels that are not scanned into ShopUS’s system even though the status on the courier’s system is “Sent” – ShopUS will support contacting the shipping courier as the amount of compensation will be negotiated by both parties after the investigation result of the shipping courier.

Step 4: Pay transportation fee

ShopUS will charge you as follows:

  • Service fee: 3% of the order value (based on the value of the product declared on the system matching your purchase invoice).
  • International Shipping Fee: contact ShopUS’s support team.
  • Surcharge: Please contact the sales staff to know about surcharge fees for the items you want to transport before sending goods to ShopUS’s warehouse.
  • After receiving the package, ShopUS will issue a transportation invoice and send it to the email address you registered. Please make the payment within 3 days of receiving the invoice. Delay in payment may result in a delay in shipping the package to you.

Step 5: Receive the goods

ShopUS will ship the goods via domestic couriers. Please check with the postman when receiving the goods. In case the package is damaged, dented, distorted, lack of quantity, etc. Please make a record of the situation with the postman and send the image of the package along with the record to the ShopUS’s support center within 24 hours.