Shopping guide at ShopUS

ShopUS is always aiming to provide customers with international purchasing services quickly, safely and at the most economical cost. With just a few simple steps, you can choose to buy the item you like on ShopUS.

Step 1: Find the product

ShopUS supports you with 2 ways to find products quickly

1st method: Search by keyword or directly paste Ebay | Amazon product link  into the search box

2nd method: Browse by product category

I have not found my beloved product?

ShopUS supports customers to buy goods anywhere in the United States. So if you have not found a satisfied product on the website, please contact our support team for purchase instructions.

Step 2: Select products – Put in cart

When you have searched for your favorite product and viewed its price list, if you would like to place an order, click the “Add to Cart” button. Keep continue to choose and order many other products, these will be added to your current order.

For products that have the items Size, Color, Type, …, please select carefully and fully before “Add to Cart”, ShopUS will base on the right product link of the customer has been selected to buy, avoid buying errors.

Select “Buy now” will take you to the payment step

Step 3: Complete order information

After you have chosen the product you like, you can proceed to pay by the following steps:

(1) Check your cart before checkout

(2) Read the information again about your purchase request

(3) Update quantity and check up money

(4) Make a payment or continue browse other products

Next, please fill in “Buyer’s Information”, “Receiver’s Information” (if the recipient is different from the buyer), promotion code (if any), then select the form of payment.

Note: To facilitate the Tracking status of orders in step 5. ShopUS requires users to “Create an account” or “Login”.

Step 4: Complete the Order

So ShopUS has received your purchase request. ShopUS staff will contact you to confirm the order and guide the payment method you want.

Step 5: Track Orders

To check the status of your order, please log in with your account, click on the top right menu, select “Order List”.

Select the orders you want to track and see the latest ShopUS updates here

Hopefully, through the specific instructions from the above article, it will make it easier for customers to buy the item you like. If you have any questions about the order process, financial invoice when buying goods on ShopUS, you can contact ShopUS Hotline: 1900-6755 for more detailed information from the customer service team. Our professional goods.